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For more information about ePortfolio, please contact:
Carolyn Rogers, ePortfolio Director
860-832-3894 or crogers@ctdlc.org

Carolyn Caggiano, Online Student Services
860-832-3930 or ccaggiano@ctdlc.org

ePortfolio.org is a student-centered platform which, is augmented by a Project Builder and an Assessment module. Students can create and customize portfolios for academic, career, or personal uses; maintain their plan of study; and share their work, goals, and achievements with advisors, career counselors, and employers. Faculty, departments, and institutions can create portfolio assignments linked to scoring rubrics. Assessment committees can randomly select portfolios, score them with rubrics, and generate assessment reports.

ePortfolio is a centrally hosted application. This alleviates any additional IT hardware and staffing costs for your campus. The support staff maintains an enterprise level Data Center where ePortfolio is monitored and maintained 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

ePortfolio Highlights
  • User-Centered: Students control what goes into their ePortfolio and who sees it.
  • Customizable: Students can create multiple views for a variety of uses.
  • Flexible: Allows students to create multiple portfolios to showcase their skills and achievements.
  • Reflective: Portfolio templates encourage reflective thinking.
  • Easy to Use: Users do not need any HTML or programming skills. They have to be able to fill out web forms and upload artifacts, as they would in an email attachment.
  • Goal Oriented: Users can set, review, and revise goals related to their education, course, major, career, work, service, and volunteer activities.
  • Career Centered: ePortfolio contains extensive templates for users to archive information about educational, volunteer, service, work, and internship experiences.
Faculty Tools
  • Faculty Options: Faculty can accept portfolios as a “view”, which allows them to comment on each piece of work and on the portfolio as a whole, or as a zipped indexed file which can be downloaded.
  • Project Builder: The Project Builder allows instructors, groups, departments, or the institution to design portfolio assignments for classes and for institutional and/or programmatic assessment. Projects can encourage selection, reflection, and a holistic view of work. Rubrics can be created to provide guidance on quality and expectations.
  • Faculty Portfolios: Faculty can create their own portfolios to use for professional development, to highlight their achievements, or to archive material for promotion and tenure.
Administrative and Assessment Tools

Many institutions use portfolios for outcomes assessment across many classes including majors, general education, minors, and pre-professional training.

Departments, programs, majors, or general education courses are able to use a single project for assessment by creating a master project which can be copied by each instructor. If grading rubrics are used, they can be aggregated for assessment purposes.

Assessment Module:
Student work created to meet an assignment defined by the Project Builder can be submitted to the assessment module where it will be “locked” (students will not be able to change what they have submitted) and stored.

The Assessment Module allows for Committee Review:
  • Random selection of assignments by learning objective.
  • Anonymity of the student who produced the assignment and the instructor.
  • Designation of selected assignments to committee members for scoring.
  • Access to the work and the scoring rubrics for each committee member.
  • Reports which aggregate scores and generate frequencies and means.
  • Ability to download raw data which can be analyzed in another format.
  • Ability to reconnect assignments to student ID for analysis with data available in the SIS.
Additional Information

Centrally Hosted Model
ePortfolio is a centrally hosted application. This alleviates any additional IT hardware and staffing costs for your campus.

Enhancements and Upgrades
Enhancements are released approximately every 6 months and are made available to users free of charge.

Security ePortfolio is a password-protected site. All sensitive data, like Student IDs, are SSL protected with 128 bit encryption. No portfolio or user information is accessible for internal or external search engines.

Artifacts in any electronic format (audio, visual, textual, graphical, mathematical) can be uploaded as part of a portfolio.

LMS Integration
ePortfolio is integrated with Blackboard and WebCT Vista allowing for Single Sign-On. In addition, students within ePortfolio are able to select previously uploaded files in WebCT Vista or Blackboard’s Content Management system to be included in their electronic portfolio.

Institutionally Branded
New users select the institution in which they are enrolled as part of their profile. The ePortfolio is then branded with the institution’s logo and name. Institutional links can be added where appropriate.

Tutorials and Help
A comprehensive “How to Manual” is available online in Word and PDF formats. Extensive help menus are available on each page for help specific to that area as are video demonstrations for many of the topics. Handbooks for faculty, staff, and administrators on using ePortfolio for classroom assessment, advising, and career counseling are also available.